Baby Teeth May Be Temporary, but They Can Have a Very Permanent Effect on Your Life.

Importance of taking care of baby teeth

When you think of baby teeth you probably picture them as teeth that fall out as a child which you then gift to the tooth fairy.

Did you know, however, that those very teeth set the precedent for the rest of your oral life? Below are 5 reasons why your baby teeth have a permanent effect on your life.

1. They affect the health of your permanent teeth
Your permanent teeth grow closely behind the roots of your baby teeth. These teeth are much smaller in size compared to your permanent teeth and have a thinner layer of enamel. This means cavities that develop on your baby teeth spread quickly and, if left untreated, can cause permanent damage to your adult teeth.

2. They set the precedent for the alignment of your teeth
Baby teeth that are lost early cause the surrounding teeth to erupt into the missing space. Your adult teeth that will later grow into that space now have less room, causing bad tooth alignment. It is important to be cautious of how your teeth move prior to the eruption of your adult teeth so you don’t run into the problem of crooked teeth or poor tooth alignment.

3. Speech patterns
Your face muscles, tongue, and your lips are used in the pronunciation of sound. The sound is only produced correctly when they are able to move properly across your teeth. If the alignment of your baby teeth are not where they should be, it can create a mispronunciation of these sounds. This can then cause problematic speech patterns to develop as you age.

4. Self-Esteem
Childhood is the pinnacle of self-esteem development. Tooth decay, misaligned teeth, and other forms of dental pain that can develop easily during that time play a huge role in self-esteem. Feeling embarrassed, anxious, angry, and sad because of these problems can cause your child to be less social and to engage less with others at a time when it is most crucial.

5. Healthy Habits
As a child, you learn the proper way to chew your food, brush your teeth, and floss. These habits you develop while you have your baby teeth are carried into adulthood. If you do not take good care of your baby teeth, you won’t develop the proper healthy habits you need to take care of your permanent teeth. This can result in countless oral hygienic issues to develop.

The biggest takeaway: baby teeth are just as important as adult teeth.

They strongly impact early childhood development and create the oral habits you will take with you for the rest of your adult life. Schedule an appointment with us today so we can ensure your child’s teeth are on track for the future.

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