Why We Use CBCT 3D Technology at Aerni Dental

Conebeam 3d imaging in Strongsville

Even one of the most accomplished general dentists could be taken aback by some of the irregular anatomies we see inside of our patients.

Today’s advances in technology such as CBCT 3D machines makes those unusual cases much easier to handle, which, in turn, makes life easier for our patients.

What is a CBCT 3D machine?

CBCT 3D machines are simply put, 3D x-ray imaging devices for teeth, allowing the dentist to get the best possible view of the tooth they possibly can.

As a general dentist, the use of CBCT 3D technology allows Dr. Aerni to easily find canals he couldn’t already see, catch hairline fractures he may not have recognized while inspecting a tooth, and even see pulp stones that weren’t noticeable originally. Making use of the 3D technology on this device makes planning and efficiency a lot easier and allows the dental treatment we provide to be that much better for it.

Making endodontic treatment easier

CBCT 3D machines take a bunch of 2D radiographs that are then transformed into a 3D set of data that allows us to view the entirety of the tooth. With these machines, we can examine the anatomy of a tooth on several planes like the sagittal, axial, and the coronal granting us full command of your endodontic planning for the best results anyone could wish for.

Making referrals easier

In some cases, a dentist may open up a patient’s tooth only to realize the problem is something they can’t fix by themselves, and a specialist is required. This is a problem that Dr. Aerni can avoid thanks to the 3D capabilities of CBCT. Rather than needing to go into the tooth to determine whether or not a referral an endodontist is necessary, the recommendation can be made based off of the 3D image, saving the patient time and extra dental work.

Having a CBCT 3D device allows Aerni Dental to provide our patients with the most reliable care as efficiently as possible.

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