Dental Sealants

Keeping teeth clear of the plaque that causes tooth decay can be challenging, especially given the surfaces of molars often have tiny crevices where sugar or food can become trapped. A toothbrush can have trouble reaching these areas, making it a challenge for adults, much less children who have yet to master proper brushing technique.

There’s a simple preventative measure our practice offers which can help: dental sealants.

Cavity prevention with Dental Sealants

With the aim of making teeth easier to keep clean, dental sealants are a thin coating that Dr. Aerni can apply to the surface of molars. This sealant fills in the small crevices where bacteria could otherwise become trapped and develop into tooth decay.

It’s a simple process where the material is brushed on at one appointment and typically lasts for many years before another application is necessary. It’s safe, makes home care a bit easier, and provides extra defense against cavities.

At what age should children get sealants?

Your child’s teeth are at risk for cavities as soon as they emerge. In the case of molars, this is usually at age six when the first set comes in, and around age 12 for the second. Having sealants applied as soon as these teeth erupt is recommended to keep them protected from early on.

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