Athletic Mouthguards

Athletic Mouthguards

Protecting your teeth while playing sports is supremely essential. Whether you’re a student-athlete or indulge in sports activities recreationally, you must invest in an athletic mouthguard to safeguard your dental health. Here we bring you an easy guide to understand why opting for a professionally fitted mouthguard from Dr. Aerni can be a game-changer.


What is an Athletic Mouthguard?

A mouthguard, commonly referred to as a mouth protector or athletic mouthguard, is a protective device designed to fit over your teeth and gums. It offers protection against potential sports injuries, safeguarding your delicate oral structures from blows and physical sports contact.


Why is a Dental Mouthguard Important?

One word—Prevention. A simple, well-fitted mouthguard can prevent unwanted trauma, protect soft tissues, minimize the risk of broken teeth, and can even reduce the chance of a concussion! Thus investing in one will not only protect your oral health but also lead to saving unnecessary expenses on treatment post-damage.


Should I Choose Custom-Fitted Over Store-Bought Mouthguards?

While generic store-bought mouthguards may offer some protection, they are often ill-fitted and uncomfortable to wear. Custom-fitted mouthguards from a dentist like Dr. Aerni, on the other hand, are designed to fit your unique oral structure, ensuring optimal protection. Custom-fitted mouthguards offer superior comfort and don’t restrict your ability to breathe or speak during your game.


How are Dental Mouthguards Made?

The process to design a custom mouthguard involves taking an accurate impression of your teeth. This can be done using a safe, dental impression material or via a modern digital scanner. The mold is then used to create a unique mouthguard fitting perfectly to your teeth and gums. The materials used are durable, odorless, tasteless, and hypoallergenic.


How to Clean and Maintain Your Mouthguard?

Prevent bacterial growth and increase the durability of your mouthguard by maintaining a consistent cleaning routine. Rinse your mouthguard with cool water after each use, clean it with a toothbrush and toothpaste, then allow it to air-dry. Most importantly, store it in a secure, ventilated container between uses to maintain its shape and quality.


When Should I Replace My Mouthguard?

Generally, a professional mouthguard can last several seasons, but it’s best to replace it if it starts to wear down, doesn’t fit correctly, or if you’ve had any significant dental changes such as loss or addition of a tooth.

The role of athletic mouthguards in protecting your smile can’t be understated. While it’s easy to overlook their importance, it’s a small but crucial investment in your overall dental health. Speak with Dr. Aerni today about fitting a custom mouthguard and play with confidence, knowing your beautiful smile is well-protected.

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