Electric or Manual Toothbrushes: Which Should You Use?

Manual vs Electric toothbrushes

Recently, you may have noticed an increase in the appeal of electric toothbrushes. However, are they really better than a regular brush?

Dental professionals and researchers agree that a regular toothbrush can provide the exact same cleanliness that a powered toothbrush can, but the ease of use of the latter is the real divider in this debate. Meticulousness is essential when it comes to using a regular brush. It is recommended that in order to maintain a healthy smile, brushing your teeth for 2 minutes twice each day is crucial. Two minutes straight might seem like a long period of time for manually brushing your teeth. But on the other hand, manual toothbrushes are typically affordable, easily portable, and don’t need to be charged or have batteries replaced.

Their capability to do everything for its owner is probably one of the reasons why powered toothbrushes have gained popularity. Thanks to the option of different brush heads and modes like deep cleaning, sensitivity, and whitening, it makes a comprehensive teeth cleaning a snap. Some electric toothbrushes come with the capability to time how long the owner is taking brushing one area and alerts the user to switch to the next quadrant by means of vibrations. Additionally, electronic brushes are ideal for individuals with specials needs or dexterity issues.

Ultimately, picking between a powered or a manual toothbrush is down to the preference of the individual. There isn’t any solid evidence that one type of brush is better than the other; instead, it all comes down to the lifestyle and preference of the person using the toothbrush.

Powered or manual: which toothbrush would you pick?

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