Am I Allergic to Dentists? Part 1

Am I Allergic to Dentists? Part 1

You may have jokingly said you’re allergic to the dentist as an excuse for not getting a checkup.  Going to the dentist isn’t the most pleasant experience in the world, but there could be some truth to that excuse.

There are patients who deal with allergic reactions anytime they go to their dentist. This is typically due to the materials that dentists use in their offices rather than the dentists themselves. Some patients have extreme sensitivities to one of the many materials dentists use in their practices such as latex. If you experience any of the following problems, make sure you share it with Dr. Aerni and our team at the beginning of your next visit.

Latex Allergy

Adverse reactions to latex are triggered by particular proteins that are a component of latex. This reaction is similar to when someone with a peanut allergy consumes peanut butter. The body reacts as if the ingredient is unsafe, and the immune system sends out antibodies to fight it off. Histamine and other chemicals are driven into the bloodstream, which is what is responsible for the classic allergic reactions that we’re acquainted with.

Signs of a latex allergy involve:

• Tingling, red skin and/or eyes
• Rash or hives
• Scratchy throat
• Sneezing

These are minor symptoms of a latex allergy. Whenever a patient suffers something more violent, it is described as anaphylaxis. The reactions of anaphylaxis are urgent, and they may be deadly. Seek emergency medical attention if you experience the following problems:

• Unsteadiness
• Nausea and vomiting
• Confusion
• Loss of awareness
• Poor or quickened pulse

Next time you schedule your appointment with Dr. Aerni, make sure to inform him or our team about any allergies or fears you may have. Our mission is to offer our patients first-rate care!

Keep an eye out for the next blog in our dental allergies series!

At Aerni Dental in Strongsville, OH, our mission is to offer our patients first-rate care. You’re not just another appointment in our books, and that’s why we take your apprehensions and comfort very seriously. Never hesitate to ask Dr. Aerni and our team questions about our techniques or to talk about your fears. Dr. Aerni and his team will gladly take the time to make sure you understand and are comfortable with your treatment before we begin any work!

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