Why We Use CBCT 3D Technology at Aerni Dental

Even one of the most accomplished general dentists could be taken aback by some of the irregular anatomies we see inside of our patients.

Today’s advances in technology such as CBCT 3D machines makes those unusual cases much easier to handle, which, in turn, makes life easier for our patients.

What is a CBCT 3D machine?

CBCT 3D machines are simply put, 3D x-ray imaging devices for teeth, allowing the dentist to get the best possible view of the tooth they possibly can.

As a general dentist, the use of CBCT 3D technology allows Dr. Aerni to easily find canals he couldn’t already see, catch hairline fractures he may not have recognized while inspecting a tooth, and even see pulp stones that weren’t noticeable originally. Making use of the 3D technology on this device makes planning and efficiency a lot easier and allows the dental treatment we provide to be that much better for it.

Making endodontic treatment easier

CBCT 3D machines take a bunch of 2D radiographs that are then transformed into a 3D set of data that allows us to view the entirety of the tooth. With these machines, we can examine the anatomy of a tooth on several planes like the sagittal, axial, and the coronal granting us full command of your endodontic planning for the best results anyone could wish for.

Making referrals easier

In some cases, a dentist may open up a patient’s tooth only to realize the problem is something they can’t fix by themselves, and a specialist is required. This is a problem that Dr. Aerni can avoid thanks to the 3D capabilities of CBCT. Rather than needing to go into the tooth to determine whether or not a referral an endodontist is necessary, the recommendation can be made based off of the 3D image, saving the patient time and extra dental work.

Having a CBCT 3D device allows Aerni Dental to provide our patients with the most reliable care as efficiently as possible.

Baby Teeth May Be Temporary, but They Can Have a Very Permanent Effect on Your Life.

When you think of baby teeth you probably picture them as teeth that fall out as a child which you then gift to the tooth fairy.

Did you know, however, that those very teeth set the precedent for the rest of your oral life? Below are 5 reasons why your baby teeth have a permanent effect on your life.

1. They affect the health of your permanent teeth
Your permanent teeth grow closely behind the roots of your baby teeth. These teeth are much smaller in size compared to your permanent teeth and have a thinner layer of enamel. This means cavities that develop on your baby teeth spread quickly and, if left untreated, can cause permanent damage to your adult teeth.

2. They set the precedent for the alignment of your teeth
Baby teeth that are lost early cause the surrounding teeth to erupt into the missing space. Your adult teeth that will later grow into that space now have less room, causing bad tooth alignment. It is important to be cautious of how your teeth move prior to the eruption of your adult teeth so you don’t run into the problem of crooked teeth or poor tooth alignment.

3. Speech patterns
Your face muscles, tongue, and your lips are used in the pronunciation of sound. The sound is only produced correctly when they are able to move properly across your teeth. If the alignment of your baby teeth are not where they should be, it can create a mispronunciation of these sounds. This can then cause problematic speech patterns to develop as you age.

4. Self-Esteem
Childhood is the pinnacle of self-esteem development. Tooth decay, misaligned teeth, and other forms of dental pain that can develop easily during that time play a huge role in self-esteem. Feeling embarrassed, anxious, angry, and sad because of these problems can cause your child to be less social and to engage less with others at a time when it is most crucial.

5. Healthy Habits
As a child, you learn the proper way to chew your food, brush your teeth, and floss. These habits you develop while you have your baby teeth are carried into adulthood. If you do not take good care of your baby teeth, you won’t develop the proper healthy habits you need to take care of your permanent teeth. This can result in countless oral hygienic issues to develop.

The biggest takeaway: baby teeth are just as important as adult teeth.

They strongly impact early childhood development and create the oral habits you will take with you for the rest of your adult life. Schedule an appointment with us today so we can ensure your child’s teeth are on track for the future.

Osteoporosis Medication Is A Cause For Concern

Despite bone cancers like osteoporosis being treated with medication for years there is still a cause for concern. Dentist’s like myself understand this so we are very cautious about how we handle patients taking such medication. Below I explain the reasons why osteoporosis medication is a cause for concern in our field and why you should make sure your dentist knows what medication you’re on right away.

What are osteoporosis medications?

Osteoporosis is typically treated with drugs known as bisphosphonates. Bisphosphonate medications work by evening out the balance between your osteoclasts and osteoblasts.

Osteoclasts break down decaying bone while osteoblasts work in tandem to rebuild new bone. This destruction and rebuilding process is hindered in patients afflicted with osteoporosis. 

Typically this medication eases the pain and suffering caused by osteoporosis, but can only be prescribed to help alleviate symptoms. Using this type of medication to try and restore the osteoclast and osteoblast balance seen in healthy individuals is not possible. Bisphosphonates are also used to help maintain how dense your bones are and reduce the chance for bone fractures. If that’s not all, osteoporosis also leads to high calcium levels in the blood which bisphosphonates help circumvent. 

So why should my dentist be concerned?

Bisphosphonates sometimes have a side-effect, albeit rare, known as bisphosphonate-related osteonecrosis. This type of osteonecrosis is located in the jaw, also known as jaw osteonecrosis, which results from dental implants. Alcohol abuse, drugs, and smoking are usually contributing factors as well in the development of bisphosphonate osteonecrosis.

People diagnosed with this side effect usually experience an increase in pain and suffering. As such, dentists have opted to look towards other treatment options to help such patients. Root canal therapy is often used as an alternative that has been seen to help patients.

If you are concerned about your osteoporosis medication and dental treatments schedule an appointment with Dr. Aerni to the best options available to you.

The Importance Of Regular Flossing

Flossing is part of oral dental hygiene that many people ignore. However, most people are scared of floss because it can lead to gums bleeding.

When it comes to flossing, bleeding gums are not necessarily bad. If your gums bleed often, this can weaken and hasten the plaque build-up. With the use of good toothbrush and proper brushing techniques, plaque can grow and accumulate in hiding areas on your gums and teeth. However, plaque is caused due to the chemical reaction between the carbohydrates and sugars in the foods and drinks we consume (apart from water). The end reaction can produce bacteria-laden film and germ that sticks to your gums or teeth surface. Also, this can be treated using invasive dental treatment measures such as flossing and brushing.

How Flossing Helps Prevent Plaque

Regular brushing of teeth is not enough to protect your gums and teeth from plaque build-up. There are some hiding areas in your mouth (such as the space between your teeth and gap along your gum line) that can’t be accessed using a toothbrush. If these areas are not cleaned every day, the plaque can lead to possible dental problems such as tartar or loss of teeth.

However, flossing will help you to clean the food particles in those hiding areas that have been damaged by plaque. Just like tooth brushing is important in cleaning your gums and teeth without causing damage, so is proper flossing help to get rid of plaque by preventing gums irritation and unintentional harm.

Dentists like Dr. Aerni usually advise their patients to floss at least one per day. Also, proper flossing involves the movement of floss back and front along the shape of each tooth below the gum line. To save energy and time in this process, it is good to force the floss in between your middle teeth rather than going along the perimeter of each tooth.

Have you scheduled your regular cleaning and exam? If not, contact us today!

Periodontal Disease: A Severe Risk for Obesity

Periodontal infections affect the teeth structures which include the alveolar bone, gums, the periodontal ligament, and the cementum covering the root. At the early stage of periodontal disease, the infection affects the gums called Gingivitis. Also, in the severe form of the disease involve all supporting tissues. The bacteria cause the major outbreak in the tooth. Due to this, periodontal diseases affect more than 40% of the population across the globe. In the past, the gum disease has been linked to other health problems. Recent studies show that the connection exists between gum infection and other dental issues, but some researchers are required to confirm these findings

However, periodontal disease has been linked to another disease such as obesity.

According to the study carried out at the New York Medical College, Medical researchers claimed that bacteria worsened the functionality of fat tissues, which has increased the rate of obesity. The researchers also found that an extract found in the kava plant (kavain) has the potential of treating the chronic inflammation in obese patients. Oral hygiene is not the only factor in obesity, but the combination of oral treatment and anti-inflammatory properties in kavain can reduce the health problems related to obesity.

Some of the basics of oral hygiene include:


  • Brushing of teeth twice per day.
  • Make use of a suitable brush. Store in a proper place and keep it clean.
  • When brushing, practice appropriate technique.
  • Make sure you replace your toothbrush every 3-4 months or earlier if the bristles become frayed or irregular.


  • When flossing, do not skim.
  • Be calm and gentle during flossing.
  • Take a tooth at a time.

If you find it difficult to make use of the floss, you can use an interdental cleaner like pre-threaded flosser, dental pick, a water flosser, or a silicon or wooden plaque remover and tiny brushes that reach between teeth.

In conclusion, it is worth mentioning that periodontal disease can be preventable and if proper measures are taken you can reduce the risk of severe health conditions linked to periodontal disease and obesity.

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Orthodontics: Why Choose Tip-Edge Brackets?

Dr. Aerni Orthodontics

Orthodontics have evolved in the last several years. Due to this, many different treatment options are available in the marketplace, including straight wire braces and Tip-Edge brackets. Which system a dentist or orthodontist decides to use is dependent on what system they had training with, and what they feel can offer their patients the best results esthetically and orthopedically.

Tip-Edge orthodontics

Dr. Aerni in Strongsville, Ohio believes that Tip-Edge brackets best fit this criteria. To Dr. Aerni, Tip-Edge brackets offer his patients the best results, use high quality materials, and are affordable.  Additionally, Tip-Edge brackets require less appointments and time in the chair, meaning you spend less overall time in our office.

Below, Dr. Aerni lists some of the many advantages of Tip-Edge brackets:

  1. Bite corrections can begin sooner in treatment than with straight wire.
  2.  More vertical control.
  3. Changes (both dental and skeletal) occur with relatively light force, 1-3 ounces, in comparison to straight wire braces at 8 ounces.
  4. Easier to move your teeth by tipping them and uprighting the root.
  5. Less anchorage is needed, eliminating the need for external anchorage like head-gear, or other intraoral orthodic devices.
  6. Uses few wires and demands less bending of wires.
  7. Less bulky, making proper dental hygiene easier to achieve.
  8. Fewer appointments, saving you valuable time! Appointments are at 8 week intervals vs 4-6 week intervals, with straight wire.

If you have any questions regarding Tip-Edge brackets or orthodontics, or are interested in the procedure, please feel free to contact Dr. Aerni. You can contact Dr. Aerni at his office Strongsville at 440-238-6141, or use our online form to request and appointment.

Back to School Cleanings

As summer break comes to an end, the team at Aerni Dental would like to remind parents that now may be a good time to have your children come in for a cleaning and exam.

dental exam strongsville OH

By coming in before the start of the school year, we can make sure everything is okay with your child’s teeth and gums. If there are any issues, it is best to fix them while they are still on break rather than taking them out of school to have dental work completed.

If you would like to schedule an appointment for you or your child, feel free to contact us today. We are always welcoming new patients to our practice!

The Importance of Mouthguards

At Aerni Dental, we wanted to make sure everyone knows how important mouthguards are to your child’s dental health.

If you have children that play sports or are starting soon, be sure to get them a mouth guard.

mouthguards Strongsville OH dentist

Mouthguards help defend against hits and protect the person’s teeth, tongue, face, and jaw. Mouthguards are not just for football either; mouthguards should be used in just about any sport your child is involved in.

Missing teeth can make it hard for your child to eat and speak. It is important to always be safe and make sure your child has the proper equipment to avoid a serious injury.

Summer Dental Health Part 2

We hope you have been enjoying the summer as much as we have! You have probably been to a couple of outdoor parties. Unfortunately, the foods and drinks found there are usually not kind to your mouth. When getting a party together with friends and family this summer, keep these mouth-healthy tips in mind.

Vegetable Tray
Rather than potato chips and sugary snacks that can leave behind harmful bacteria. A great alternative to these foods is a vegetable tray full of mouth-healthy snacks.

It may be a good idea to avoid using toothpicks. They can easily pierce your gums if you’re not careful, or break in your mouth.

Chewing on ice can do a lot of harm to your teeth. A great alternative is to use a cooler full of ice to keep the drinks cold. This will help keep your guests from chewing on ice cubes and still have a cold drink.

dentist in Strongsville, OH

If you have children that will be running around or just any activities that will cause people to sweat, make sure there is plenty of water for people to stay hydrated.

If you’re in the Strongsville, OH area and are would like to schedule an appointment with Dr. Aerni, click here. We are always welcoming new patients to our practice.

When Should I See the Dentist?

Most of you probably visit the dentist every six months for your cleanings and exams. But cleanings and exams are not the only time you should see the dentist.

when should you visit the dentist Strongsville OH dentist

Most of you probably visit the dentist every six months for your cleanings and exams. But cleanings and examinations are not the only time you should see the dentist. If you notice any of the following issues, be sure to schedule an appointment with your dentist as soon as you can.

Dry Mouth
Saliva is our bodies natural cavity fighter, and if you suffer from dry mouth, you’re at an increased risk of developing cavities. If your mouth feels dry, be sure to contact your dentist to discuss what may be causing this issue.

Pain or Sensitivity
Pain or sensitivity should not be ignored. These feelings may be a sign of dental health issues. The earlier you can treat them, the more manageable they are.

Recent Restorations?
Common dental restorations such as crowns, fillings or dentures should be monitored to make sure there are no issues.

Gum Issues
Gums that bleed, are inflamed, or bright red should be checked out by your dentist. Even individuals that have a family history of gum disease can benefit from frequent visits to monitor their gums.

If something doesn’t seem right
Besides the above issues, if you ever feel like something is not right, you should contact your dentist. It is much better to be safe and let your dentist check for any issues rather than just ignoring them.

If you would like to read more reasons why you should see the dentist, this article is a good reference.

If you are due for a cleaning or notice any dental issues, feel free to schedule an appointment with Dr. Aerni in Strongsville, OH.