Tooth Discoloration: Caused By These Foods and Drinks

In our last blog post, Dr. Aerni discussed ways you can strengthen your tooth enamel to protect against cavities. In this post, Dr. Aerni will examine which dietary choices are most likely to stain your tooth enamel and cause tooth discoloration.

While your tooth enamel is extremely strong and usually translucent, it is covered in tiny (actually microscopic) ridges and valleys that can trap residue from food and drinks. When these areas on your teeth trap residue, your teeth begin to look discolored from the dark pigments left behind.

Below, Dr. Aerni lists several drinks and foods that can cause tooth discoloration:

• Coffee
• Tea
• Colas
• Tomato sauce/juice
• Popsicles
• Citric Fruit
• Foods that contain food coloring

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tooth discoloration

Something to keep in mind when determining if a food will stain your teeth is that, if it would stain white clothes, it has the potential to stain your teeth. In addition to the foods mentioned above, foods and drinks that contain a lot of acids can actually wear your enamel down, and expose your dentin. When your dentin becomes exposed, it causes your teeth to look a more yellowish color.

Have you developed tooth discoloration?

The best way to ensure your teeth stay bright and white is to maintain visits to the dentist, and to keep good oral hygiene habits. If your teeth are already discolored, and you would like to receive tooth whitening, feel free to schedule an appointment at our office in Strongsville. Whether your teeth are already bright and white, or you plan on starting a tooth whitening system, you should be conscientious about what you eat. Eating these types of food after your treatment can negate the results you are looking to achieve.

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Do You Want To Stop Smoking?

Stop smokingWhen it comes to our oral and overall health, tobacco usage is one of the worst habits we can form. The most frequent form of tobacco use comes through cigarette smoking. Smoking cigarettes can cause many oral health issues like teeth discoloration from the nicotine and tar, an increase in plaque and tartar present in the mouth, and an increased risk of contracting oral cancer.

At Aerni Dental, Dr. Aerni, wants to promote healthy habits to his patients, and everyone in the Strongsville, OH area. Due to his desire to promote a healthy lifestyle, Dr. Aerni will provide a few helpful hints that may help you stop smoking. Dr. Aerni believes that one of the most important factors in quitting is recognizing what causes you do to smoke in the first place.

Why Do You Smoke?

One of the most common reasons that people smoke is to relieve their stress. If this is the case for you, it is important to properly manage your stress. There are many activities that you can choose to manage your stress other than smoking. These activities include receiving a massage, listening to relaxing music, or doing some yoga.

Another common trigger for people who smoke is consumption of alcohol. If this applies to you, Dr. Aerni recommends avoiding situations in which you will be drinking. If you want to have an adult beverage, Dr. Aerni suggests making sure there is no tobacco easily accessible.

Finally, many people smoke after eating a meal. Smoking a cigarette after a meal is viewed as a treat of sorts. For these people, Dr. Aerni recommends replacing a cigarette with some sugarless chewing gum, a sweet treat (please brush after!), or some mints. It is always important to find a substitute that will help to take the edge off.

As previously stated, identifying some common triggers of why you might smoke is critical in quitting. If serious, you can find more tips and resources at

Do you suffer from oral health issues due to smoking? Are your teeth discolored, or do you wish to receive an oral cancer screening? If so, you can contact our office today in order to set up an appointment to see Dr. Aerni.