The Importance of Mouthguards

At Aerni Dental, we wanted to make sure everyone knows how important mouthguards are to your child’s dental health.

If you have children that play sports or are starting soon, be sure to get them a mouth guard.

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Mouthguards help defend against hits and protect the person’s teeth, tongue, face, and jaw. Mouthguards are not just for football either; mouthguards should be used in just about any sport your child is involved in.

Missing teeth can make it hard for your child to eat and speak. It is important to always be safe and make sure your child has the proper equipment to avoid a serious injury.

Summer Dental Health Part 2

We hope you have been enjoying the summer as much as we have! You have probably been to a couple of outdoor parties. Unfortunately, the foods and drinks found there are usually not kind to your mouth. When getting a party together with friends and family this summer, keep these mouth-healthy tips in mind.

Vegetable Tray
Rather than potato chips and sugary snacks that can leave behind harmful bacteria. A great alternative to these foods is a vegetable tray full of mouth-healthy snacks.

It may be a good idea to avoid using toothpicks. They can easily pierce your gums if you’re not careful, or break in your mouth.

Chewing on ice can do a lot of harm to your teeth. A great alternative is to use a cooler full of ice to keep the drinks cold. This will help keep your guests from chewing on ice cubes and still have a cold drink.

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If you have children that will be running around or just any activities that will cause people to sweat, make sure there is plenty of water for people to stay hydrated.

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